Persian cat standard in CFA

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GENERAL: The ideal Persian should give the impression of a well-balanced, heavy-boned cat with a sweet, gentle expression and rounded lines. Large, round eyes well separated from each other and set on a large, round head contribute to his overall look and expression. The long dense coat softens the cat’s lines and accentuates the roundness of his appearance.

Standard of the Persian cat: The head should be round and solid with a wide skull. Round face with markedly rounded bone structure, well placed on a short, broad neck. The structure of the skull must be smooth and round to the touch, and not excessively exaggerated from where the forehead begins to above the back of the head, as well as in all the amplitude between the ears. When viewed in profile, the prominence of the eyes is evident and the forehead, nose and chin appear to be in vertical alignment.

Nose: short, upturned and broad, with the stop centred between the eyes.

MUSSELS: Full. Muzzle not too pronounced, well set between the cheeks.

HANDLES: Wide and powerful

MENTON: Full, well developed and firmly rounded, reflecting a perfect bite.

EARS: The ears shall be small, with a rounded tip, inclined forward and not excessively wide at the base. Set wide apart, and low in relation to the head, fitting properly (without deforming) in the rounded contour of the head.

EYES: Brightly coloured, large, round and full (eyeball). Set level and wide apart, giving a sweet expression to the face.

BODY: Of the “cobby” type with low legs and a wide and deep chest, equally solid between the shoulders and the rump. Well rounded middle section and horizontal back. Good muscle tone without evidence of obesity. Of medium or large size. Quality rather than size prevails.

LEGS: shall be short, wide and strong. Front legs straight. Straight hind legs as seen from the rear.

Persian kitten showGARRAS: Large, round and firm. Fingers together, five in front and four behind.

TAIL: The tail shall be short, but in proportion to the length of the body. Carried without curving and at a lower angle than the back.
COAT: Long and thick, growing outwards from the body. Fine texture, glossy and full of life. Long all over the body, including the shoulders. The collar will be immense and continuing in a deep frill between the front legs. The tufts of ears and long fingers. Lush tail.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Moles or small spots. Knots or abnormalities in the tail. Incorrect number of toes. Any apparent weakness in the hindquarters. Any apparent deformity in the spine. Deformities of the skull resulting in asymmetry of the face or head. Crossed eyes.

Head —— 30 points
Body—— 20 points
Mantle——- 10 points
Balance—— 5 points
Refinement —- 5 points
Color——– 20 points
Eye colour- 10 points


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