La Sagra Cats

La Sagra Cats

 PERSIANS DE LA SAGRA is a young and small cattery located in Madrid and Murcia (Spain). 
– Persian Cattery C.F.M. ( Club Felino de Madrid ) associated to W.C.F.
– Cattery name registered with CFA
– Our persian cats and kittens live with us in a familiar environment,  we only look for loving homes for our kittens, where they will be live with affection, respect and considered as a member more of the family
– This personal and constant contact with us makes our kittens/cats very sweet natured, confident and easy to handle.  
– Persian kitten
– Persian cats breeders, solids particolours and bicolours

Our future

After three years breeding Persian cats, we decided in 2004 to introduce in our breeding programt the Persian bicolors, also we decided that these were of the best lines of blood and from prestigious cattery, American as as much European. In 2004 we acquired to Tarantino arlequin cream of the European breeder Bad Morrong and in 2005 we acquired to Shara (dilute calico) and Disco ( red van) of the American breeders Harwood and Ocalicos. We hoped to enjoy its kittens in next dates

The introduced lines of blood are: Harwood, Ocalicos, Rubyrose`s, Brannaway, Bolo, Lauralas, Marhei and some more, prestigious lines of persian cats

In 2007 we introduce our first exotic cat from the american breeder Spellbound, the female cat , with the invaluable collaboration of its breeder Diane, came with the title of GC (CFA) with only 9 months old.
The lines introduced are : Spellbound, Jovan, Jkzoo. Bryn Mawr …. Breeders of prestige in exotic cats


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