Cats and Fish Tanks

Cats and Fish Tanks

cat on fish tank

How many times have you seen TV shows where a cat is fishing in a fish tank or fish bowl?  Our immediate reaction is to laugh.  While it does look funny, the reality is that for the fish tank owner the situation is a serious matter.  Just imagine walking into the room one day to find your cat with one of your expensive discus fish in it’s mouth!  That is a scary thought for sure.  In this article we will discuss how to protect your fish tank from your feline friends.

Can Cats Really Harm Your Fish?

Absolutely!  If you don’t believe me just check the ingredients on a can of cat food.  The main ingredient in every cat food is fish!  So cats can definitley be a threat to your fish tank.  To make matters even worse the fact that fish in a fish tank are always swimming around calls the attention of cats even more.  The key to avoid any tragedies between your cats and fish is careful protection of your fish tank.

How To Protect Your Fish From Cats

cats and fish

Fish tanks come in many shapes and sizes.  It is critical that your fish tank has the proper coverage to prevent your cat from getting access to the fish or even worse to prevent the cat from falling in the fish tank.  Nowadays, most fish tanks come with a glass top.  Some glass tops only cover half of the aquarium top while others cover the entire top of the aquarium.  Make sure that you get a full glass top.  A glass top is your best bet as it will prevent fish from jumping out of the tank while preventing the cats from getting in.  Also, glass tops are heavy so the cats won’t be able to move it easily.  Stay away from screen tops.  While screen tops cover the entire top of the tank they can easily be ripped by a cats claws.  In addition, screen tops are very lightweight and can easily be moved by cats.

Fish Tanks to Avoid with Cats

If you own cats the one type of fish tank you must avoid is the rimless fish tanks.  Rimless fish tanks have no top cover and the filtration system is built in such a way where the water overflows over the top glass like a waterfall around the aquarium.  This is a huge problem if you have cats.  Definitely stay away from rimless tanks if you have a cat or you will regret it.  Another type of fish tank to stay away from if you own a cat are fish bowls.  Fish bowls are the absolute worse if you have a cat as they are not deep to begin with the it is very easy for the cat to get the fish out simply by sticking their head in.

Cats are great and so are fish tanks.  Just make sure to do your homework before combining the two to ensure that your pets are safe and happy.