Cats and Fish Tanks

Cats and Fish Tanks

cat on fish tank

How many times have you seen TV shows where a cat is fishing in a fish tank or fish bowl?  Our immediate reaction is to laugh.  While it does look funny, the reality is that for the fish tank owner the situation is a serious matter.  Just imagine walking into the room one day to find your cat with one of your expensive discus fish in it’s mouth!  That is a scary thought for sure.  In this article we will discuss how to protect your fish tank from your feline friends.

Can Cats Really Harm Your Fish?

Absolutely!  If you don’t believe me just check the ingredients on a can of cat food.  The main ingredient in every cat food is fish!  So cats can definitley be a threat to your fish tank.  To make matters even worse the fact that fish in a fish tank are always swimming around calls the attention of cats even more.  The key to avoid any tragedies between your cats and fish is careful protection of your fish tank.

How To Protect Your Fish From Cats

cats and fish

Fish tanks come in many shapes and sizes.  It is critical that your fish tank has the proper coverage to prevent your cat from getting access to the fish or even worse to prevent the cat from falling in the fish tank.  Nowadays, most fish tanks come with a glass top.  Some glass tops only cover half of the aquarium top while others cover the entire top of the aquarium.  Make sure that you get a full glass top.  A glass top is your best bet as it will prevent fish from jumping out of the tank while preventing the cats from getting in.  Also, glass tops are heavy so the cats won’t be …

Cat’s claws, water and drinker

Basic Care III

6. The nails

We should learn to trim the claws ourselves without having to go to the vet as it will be less stressful for the cat. Cutting them with certain frequency will avoid possible scratches and we will avoid the temptation to sharpen them constantly with some furniture or sofa of the house (if we cut the claws and we installed some scraper so that he can scratch, this will not happen)

We can also find another problem if your nails grow too large: they can get stuck in the leg pads and consequently cause an infection.

To cut them we can use special scissors that we can find in any clinic, specialized store or through the Internet.

We must only cut the tip of the nails, paying special attention not to touch with the scissors the pink part that we will see in the light of the nail, which is where the blood vessels are (if this happens or touches this pink part, do not be alarmed, soon that small bleeding will be cut).

With a little pressure on your fingers, we will remove the nail so that we can see it better and cut it easier.

If the cat gets nervous, it is better to wait for it to calm down (many times the ideal is to do it when the cat is calm, almost asleep)

7. Water and the drinking fountain

Another important aspect in the care and maintenance of our Persian, is their feeding. It goes without saying that we must give him a good feed (preferably of high quality, since these will be of greater quality) and that he must always have at his disposal the same way that he will always have fresh water available.

One of the problems we …

cleaning of eyes, nose and ears of the cat

Basic Care II

4. Cleaning eyes and nose

Another basic aspect in the care of Persian cats and that brings many doubts to their new owners is the cleaning of the eyes.

Many times these cats tear up to a greater or lesser extent, leaving them with little bits of dirt that should be cleaned well for two reasons: for aesthetics (especially white or lighter coloured cats) and for hygiene. It is advisable to clean their eyes every day (at least once a day), either at the time of grooming or first thing in the morning when we get up.


If the cat cries in excess it will be necessary to clean it more often and to go to the veterinarian in case it is necessary to prescribe some type of eyewash.

For the cleaning we will use only: feminine make-up removal cotton.

Note: we must reject the common cotton and toilet paper because they give off threads that can irritate or even do more damage to the eye. We must also reject conventional napkins and “wet wipes”.

We will slightly wet the absorbent cotton makeup remover in warm water and clean the cat’s eye thoroughly, paying special attention to the tear area, then we will dry it with another absorbent cotton like this one (now dry) or with a dry towel like the ones used for babies.

As we have said above in white or light colored cats, the dirt will be more noticeable in the tear ducts than in the darker colored ones, so we can also resort to a solution of boric acid in water.

Boric acid:

It is easily available at the pharmacy (100g powder bottle).
Dilute 2 tablespoons of boric acid in a 500 ml. bottle and then fill it with water (lukewarm to …

Bathing, drying and grooming the Persian cat

Basic Care I

1. The bathroom

Cats bathe! …and often it is essential to keep their coat clean and healthy, especially for long-haired cats. Also in moulting times, bathing together with daily brushing will help to remove those dead hairs from the undercoat and thus prevent them from sticking all over our house.

We must distinguish between the baths we do to keep our cat clean and with a healthy hair aspect (more or less once a month) and the baths of those cats that are going to go to exhibitions, which logically will be done more often and in a more “conscientious” way (where we must also take into account that “each master has his book” and there are different opinions and different products used by each one. I will refer to the first ones.

The ideal is to get the cat used to the bathroom from a very young age, this will make things easier since it will soon get used to this routine. We must bear in mind that the bath must never be a traumatic process for our feline, for that reason we must speak to him in smooth and affectionate tone with the purpose of tranquilizing it, without making abrupt movements and avoiding noises that can scare it


Some important points before the bath:

– We must have all the material ready: towel for the subsequent drying, shampoos, and the water already ready and at the right temperature (neither too cold nor too hot).

– It is advisable before beginning the bath to cut the cat’s claws to avoid greater evils (it is very common that the cat wants to escape and grabs at us (the one that more and the one that less if it can escape does it).

– Also it is …

Persian cat standard in CFA

For a full description and more details, see the official CFA website

GENERAL: The ideal Persian should give the impression of a well-balanced, heavy-boned cat with a sweet, gentle expression and rounded lines. Large, round eyes well separated from each other and set on a large, round head contribute to his overall look and expression. The long dense coat softens the cat’s lines and accentuates the roundness of his appearance.

Standard of the Persian cat: The head should be round and solid with a wide skull. Round face with markedly rounded bone structure, well placed on a short, broad neck. The structure of the skull must be smooth and round to the touch, and not excessively exaggerated from where the forehead begins to above the back of the head, as well as in all the amplitude between the ears. When viewed in profile, the prominence of the eyes is evident and the forehead, nose and chin appear to be in vertical alignment.

Nose: short, upturned and broad, with the stop centred between the eyes.

MUSSELS: Full. Muzzle not too pronounced, well set between the cheeks.

HANDLES: Wide and powerful

MENTON: Full, well developed and firmly rounded, reflecting a perfect bite.

EARS: The ears shall be small, with a rounded tip, inclined forward and not excessively wide at the base. Set wide apart, and low in relation to the head, fitting properly (without deforming) in the rounded contour of the head.

EYES: Brightly coloured, large, round and full (eyeball). Set level and wide apart, giving a sweet expression to the face.

BODY: Of the “cobby” type with low legs and a wide and deep chest, equally solid between the shoulders and the rump. Well rounded middle section and horizontal back. Good muscle tone without evidence of obesity. Of medium or …

La Sagra Cats

La Sagra Cats

 PERSIANS DE LA SAGRA is a young and small cattery located in Madrid and Murcia (Spain). 
– Persian Cattery C.F.M. ( Club Felino de Madrid ) associated to W.C.F.
– Cattery name registered with CFA
– Our persian cats and kittens live with us in a familiar environment,  we only look for loving homes for our kittens, where they will be live with affection, respect and considered as a member more of the family
– This personal and constant contact with us makes our kittens/cats very sweet natured, confident and easy to handle.  
– Persian kitten
– Persian cats breeders, solids particolours and bicolours

Our future

After three years breeding Persian cats, we decided in 2004 to introduce in our breeding programt the Persian bicolors, also we decided that these were of the best lines of blood and from prestigious cattery, American as as much European. In 2004 we acquired to Tarantino arlequin cream of the European breeder Bad Morrong and in 2005 we acquired to Shara (dilute calico) and Disco ( red van) of the American breeders Harwood and Ocalicos. We hoped to enjoy its kittens in next dates

The introduced lines of blood are: Harwood, Ocalicos, Rubyrose`s, Brannaway, Bolo, Lauralas, Marhei and some more, prestigious lines of persian cats

In 2007 we introduce our first exotic cat from the american breeder Spellbound, the female cat , with the invaluable collaboration of its breeder Diane, came with the title of GC (CFA) with only 9 months old.
The lines introduced are : Spellbound, Jovan, Jkzoo. Bryn Mawr …. Breeders of prestige in exotic cats